Types of Treatments

termidor termiteTermidor

Termidor is applied to the perimeter of the structure and any interior infested areas. The application is done by injecting the material directly into the soil where possible or drilling small holes through the concrete every 18 inches, injecting the material, then seal and patch the holes. Not even knowing the treatment has been done, the termite will travel through the Termidor where it will be ingested or attach to the termite’s exoskeleton. Once “infected”, they will spread it to other termites through physical contact or social feedings and eventually eliminating the problem all together.

Zwaag Termite ControlLocal Termidor Treatment for Drywood Termites

Small holes are drilled into wood member, and termidor is injected into the galleries. After being exposed to this material, the termites will spread it to other termites through physical contact or feedings. This eventually leads to the death of the colony. This treatment can also be injected as a foaming agent to fill the wall and ceiling voids to treat otherwise inaccessible areas.

Termite FumigationFumigation

Tarps are placed over a house and vikane gas is injected into the structure. Upon entering, the gas expands and fills the structure. This treatment will kill all of the termites, even the ones that weren’t visible during inspection. You will have to move out for three days during the treatment and make the neccessary preparations such as bagging food and removing plants.